Joyfully Empowered LLC

128 West Water Street

About Our Member

Joyfully Empowered is a movement as much as it is a way to help bring women back to themselves, to heal from the inside out with a focus on our natural strengths + talents. We can be empowered even when we don’t want to be – we make that choice and do it. But to be *joyfully* empowered, now that’s how to experience life!

My passion is helping women find themselves… either again, or for the first time. So many things can throw us off of our path and trauma finds its way stuck in our bodies, making it difficult to find our way again. Determining who you are outside of trauma responses is the biggest sigh of relief.

My purpose is taking from my own experiences, healing practices, and ongoing education to help guide women back home. I believe we women heal as a collective and each layer that we heal is felt by all women as a whole.

I believe in taking care or yourself first, in every way, so the people who rely on you get the best of you… not the rest of you.