Torched Timber Co.

308 E Broadway Street

About Our Member

What started Torched Timber? My son Easton LOVES creating. He has a growing interest in woodworking, design, and making things for others.

He fell in love with a pair of wooden earrings his mom purchased from a small business and asked how they were made. This leads to hours of questions and discussion (thank you quarantine!) and we decided to capture his passion into a business plan. He designs, handprints, and assembles the earring designs he likes. And don’t worry, he cannot read cursive 🙂

With school back in full force, Ashley is the mom behind the scenes. My favorite part of working through a business plan with Easton leading up to this point was how excited he would be talking about it with others. His eyes light up and he wants to be a part of every decision! I am an avid crafter and love the marketing part of small businesses.

We have transitioned the business to Mom, with a special section designed for Easton’s designs.