Winneshiek County Farm Bureau

214 Winnebago Street PO Box 259

About Our Member

Sometimes our name throws people. Yes, Iowa Farm Bureau works for Iowas farm families, but our work reaches well beyond the farm benefiting Iowans from all walks of life.

It has always been that way, ever since Iowa Farm Bureau was started in 1918. Back then farmers, teachers, bankers, chamber of commerce officials, and other community leaders joined forces to support a way of life and an economic driver that benefited them all: agriculture.

We believe agriculture is a critical component of Iowas future. After all, agriculture and its related industries pump $112.2 billion a year into Iowas economy and create 1 out of every 5 jobs in the state. The more successful agriculture becomes, the more it fuels Iowas broader economy.

Iowa Farm Bureau helps keep that agriculture engine running by working for family farmers in areas critical to their farm businesses. From representing their public policy interests at the local, state, and national levels to enhancing market opportunities and providing critical information, the Iowa Farm Bureau strives to ensure farm families thrive for generations to come.

Though a lot has changed over the years, we remain committed to the people, progress, and pride of Iowa. We cherish and represent the values Iowans embody: dedication to hard work, passion for the land, and character rooted in faith and family. Today, Iowa Farm Bureau remains a statewide, grassroots farm organization dedicated to our mission of creating a vibrant future for agriculture, farm families, and their communities. With 100 offices in 99 Iowa counties (Pottawattamie has two), were your neighbors, making it possible for us to reach, respond to, and advocate for you, wherever you live in Iowa. See how we’re helping Iowa Rise Up!