Welcome to the Decorah Area!

Life in the Driftless is good. And we’d like to welcome you to the fabric of it. The Northeast Iowa region you’re about to occupy is sloped, winding, and eclectic, just like its population.

Indeed, the Decorah Area offers a well-rounded environment for families, including an excellent school system, outstanding health care, and a park-filled landscape that feels like an outdoor playground throughout. We boast grass-roots green initiatives, and local movements in support of arts and music, on through food and fitness. Luther College, a private liberal-arts college, enriches Decorah with an outstanding reputation for learning and giving back, and offers a host of cultural activities to the community. We’re full of big, bright contrasts here. The Driftless spirit is practical and free-spirited. It’s down-home, and it’s indie. It’s as entrepreneurial as it is rustic. And, we’re so glad you found it.

We hope you discover the many features that make the Decorah area exceptional.

Welcome to your home in the Driftless.
We've been waiting for you.

Community Information

Emergency Services

Decorah Fire Department

400 Claiborne Drive
Decorah, IA 52101
Phone: (563) 382-3472

Decorah Police Department

400 Claiborne Dr.
PO Box 1
Decorah, IA 52101
Phone: (563) 382-3667

Winneshiek Co. Sheriffs Department

400 Claiborne Drive
Decorah, IA 52101
Phone: (563) 382-4268

Winneshiek Paramedics Services

901 Montgomery Street
Decorah, IA 52101
Phone: (563) 382-2911


Local Realtors


Area Schools & Educational Facilities

Local News & Media
(563) 380-8784

Decorah Newspapers

Inspire(d) Media

Wennes Communication Stations

FM 103.5 | FM 100.5 | FM 104.7 | FM 94.9


Decorah’s K–12 public school system is consistently one of the best performing in Iowa—academically and in extracurricular activities. Recent information from Decorah High School included the following testing statistics:

  • Graduation rate—98.17%
  • ​ACT average score—22.5 with 109 students tested. 72% of the graduating class of 2006 took the ACTs. Iowa’s ACT average for the same year was 22.1 while the national average was 20.9.



Decorah’s health care system provides quality care throughout the area. It includes major medical clinical centers, Winneshiek Medical Center, numerous chiropractic and dental clinics, as well as rehabilitation and alternative medicine options.

Health & Medical

Local Government

Decorah City Hall

400 Claiborne Drive
Decorah, Iowa 52101
Phone: 563-382-3651

The vision for the City of Decorah states: To provide, in partnership with the community, an outstanding City in which to live, work, play and visit. To Provide quality service in an efficient, effective manner. To improve the livability of our community through personal dedication, integrity, accountability, innovation, and sensitivity. To ensure an even better community for future generations.

Decorah Park & Recreation Dept.

PO Box 513
Decorah, IA 52101
Phone: 563-382-4158

Winneshiek Co. Courthouse

201 West Main Street
Decorah, Iowa 52101
Phone: 563-382-5085
Website: Winneshiek Co. Courthouse

The Board of Supervisors consists of five members, serving four years each on a staggered calendar. The Board of Supervisors is the policy-making body of the county. Its duties include planning construction and maintenance of the secondary road system; levying taxes to raise the revenues for county purposes; appointing members to various county boards and commissions, and receiving the reports of county officials.

Social Security Office

317 Washington Street
Suite #1
Decorah, Iowa 52101
Phone: 1-800-772-1213 

Voter Registration

Auditor’s Office (Winneshiek County Courthouse, Second Floor)
201 West Main Street
Decorah, Iowa 52101
Phone: 563-382-5085
Website: Winneshiek Co. Auditor

Register to vote at the County Auditor’s Office on the second floor of the Winneshiek County Courthouse. Voter registration is required at least ten days before an election. For additional information, call 563-382-5085.

Vehicle & Licenses

Car Registration & Drivers License

Treasurer’s Office (Winneshiek County Courthouse, Second Floor)
201 West Main Street
Decorah, Iowa 52101
Phone: 563-382-5085

Vehicle registration and applications for driving privileges are available at the Treasurer’s Office. The Treasurer’s Office is located on the second floor of the Winneshiek County Courthouse. For additional information, call 563-382-5085. Transaction schedules are as follows:

    • Mon–Fri: 8:00–4:00: Driver License
    • Mon–Fri: 8:00–3:30: Driver License Knowledge (written) Tests
    • Mon–Fri: 8:00–3:00: Car Drive Tests (behind the wheel)
    • By Appointments Only: CDL Drives