Decorah Bicycles

101 College Drive

About Our Member

For anything from a new bike to a custom build, Decorah Bicycles takes pride in their quality products and individualized service.

Travis has been part of the Decorah Bicycles family since he was 16, eventually taking over the business. Travis is a self-proclaimed mechanical perfectionist and he takes his work very seriously. He has over 20 years of turning wrenches under his belt and can handle just about anything that ends up on the work stand.

For Travis, owning the business does not mean he has a job where he’s sitting in an office pushing pens and studying numbers; no way. You’ll find him behind the work stand and out on the floor working with our customers and rider friends all the time. Customer relationships are important to Travis, so when you call, or you stop in, you’ll be able to talk to the “head guy” just as you would anyone else at the shop.