Games XP

105 East Water Street

About Our Member

In 2010, owner Tim and his family moved to Decorahto start a church and ALSO ended up starting a video game store.

The business was a way to spend more time with his teenage kids and meet people in the community, but in the process ended up becoming a safe, enjoyable, and really cool after school hang out spot for teenagers.

Games XP sells video games, video game systems, and accessories. Anything video game-related both from the past (retro) and present. Along with our major systems, they carry smaller handheld systems and games.

They also have a major DVD movie collection covering all genres and blu-ray and HD movies on hand. They sell Magic The Gathering cards and accessories, new and old Magic cards, mats, dice, decks, and a wide variety of other items.

Tabletop (board) games such as D & D, Munchkins, and Warhammer 40K.

Customers can also enjoy a game room where people can play on their laptop via free Wifi or hook up a console to a TV or projector screen for a marginal rental fee. The game room has foosball and a stand-up arcade machine outfitted with 1400 retro video games.

Offering service repair to get expensive electronics back up and running for a reasonable price. Repairs gaming systems and iPod/ tablet screen replacement.