Welcome to new downtown business Magic Morpho! Located at 130 West Water Street, in the heart of Decorah, this modern rock shop offers the best in fossils, loose stones, and crystals.
Owner Keri Bodensteiner – who turned a long-time passion into a charming retail experience – has curated the best products and the best staff. Enjoy browsing, learning, and finding treasures for yourself or your friends. This shop offers every price point and caters well to all ages.
Expect hundreds of hand-picked, carefully curated rocks/crystals (of every color and from locations across the globe), singing bowls and sound tools, unique jewelry, geological treasures, clothing, candles, incense, and smudging supplies.
You can even schedule a private consultation with Keri, to share your unique needs and what you’re looking for in a crystal. Based on your exclusive request, she hand picks a one-of-a-kind crystal just for you!
We asked Keri what her favorite crystal was and she shared two. One rare: a cherished Chrysanthemum Stone she was given as a gift (partially-silicified limestone found in China and Japan that is black with white mineral compositions that are petal-like) and one more common: Infinite Serpentine, a surprisingly electric green-colored magnesium silicate mineral from South Africa known for shielding the owner from negative energy.